Sydney water leak detection specialists

The team at Sydney Leak Detection carries out specialist water leak detection inspections. In-depth construction and plumbing knowledge, advanced leak detection equipment, and methodical testing are the drivers of a high success rate.  

Sydney Leak Detection are the most trusted and recommended water leak detection specialists with 30+ years experience. The pioneers of multi-testing leak detection inspections across Sydney suburbs. A thorough approach allows expert technicians to carry out evidence based inspections without invasive testing or cutting.

Professional testing with tracer gas to detect a water pipe leak
Sydney water leak detection specialists with  thermal cameras
Taking moisture readings by expert leak detectors
Leak detection specialists with advanced plumbing and constructions expertise.

Most people associate a plumbing pipe leak with water escape. However, a leaking pipe is only one of many possible sources of a high water bill or damage to property. Water ingress from leaking roofs and windows, waterproofing failure, and building defects lead to rain infiltration, rising damp, mould and moisture.

Similarly, each property type from residential, commercial to Strata, face a variety of leaking challenges. Sydney Leak Detection is a water specialist carrying out plumbing and building inspections across all property types and industry sectors. Highly recommended by home owners and strata committees due to their ability to provide practical answers. Read customer reviews.

Commercial water leak detection services
Residential water leak detection services
Strata water leak detection services
Insurance water leak detection services
Water leak detection services for building consultants
Water leak detection services for licensed plumbers

The team at Sydney Leak Detection also collaborate with a large network of plumbers, building consultants, engineers and insurance loss adjusters to provide a variety of services. Thousands of elusive water leaks have been found by working together in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Wollongong and the Central Coast.

Up to 72% of Aussie homes have defects.

– Building Confidence Report, 2021

Water leak detection services

Sydney Leak Detection are water spray testing experts: bathrooms, balconies, roofs, windows, sliding doors, façades and more. A wide variety of services and testing instruments such as thermal cameras and moisture meters are used whilst spray testing to detect water ingress and avoid cutting.

If required, at the completion of each building inspection an insightful PDF report will be issued. The building report includes photos and practical recommendations to rectify the issues caused by a pipe leak or other building issues caused by water escape.

1 Leak detection

Detecting a plumbing leak with thermal camera

Sydney Leak Detection carries out specialist water leak detection searches with the most comprehensive range of advanced leak location equipment.

Pipe location, Hydrogen tracer gas, thermal imaging, high resolution inspection cameras, concrete moisture meters.

2 general plumbing

Sydney plumbing services

General water and gas plumbing installations and maintenance around the home and in Strata buildings. We service restaurants, retail and practitioner rooms. 

Diagnostic CCTV surveys of stormwater and sanitary systems. Make safes, hot water heaters etc.

3 Water defence

A leaking balcony when it rains

Our custom solutions deliver cost effective measures against water infiltration and damage to property.

Unique and proven care plans combine concrete injection, deep cleaning and high performing sealing of balconies, basements, walls, façades and more.

Advance water leak detection equipment

Engaging a plumber to search and detect a pipe leak is common practice. Using an extensive range of testing methods to locate the source of water ingress is less so. To deliver results and avoid cutting, each specialist leak detector uses the most comprehensive range of leak detection testing equipment. 

Some of the most advanced leak detection systems used by our expert leak detectors include Hydrogen tracer gas and thermal imaging. Other specialist tools to locate underground water leaks include radio and acoustic pipe location. Other high-end instruments used in a leak search vary from moisture meters through to inspection cameras and CCTV equipment.

Hydrogen Tracer gas

Advanced leak detection testing in Sydney with tracer gas

A high precision and sophisticated testing instrument to detect H5 gas escaping from a concealed leaking pipe or underground. Hydrogen tracer gas is the most sophisticated and accurate leak detection method.

Thermal imaging

Locating a hidden moisture with the thermal camera

A portable device using infrared technology to scan building surfaces to detect heat radiation and hidden moisture. A fast, safe and reliable method used before, during and after spray testing the trouble areas.

Pipe location

Locating underground plumbing pipes to detect a water leak in Sydney

Locating the position and depth of underground water pipework is usually the first step in leak detection. Our technicians use high radio frequency technology to avoid unnecessary digging and cutting.

Acoustic detection

Photo of acoustic leak detection equipment

The specialist acoustic system relies on frequency variances to isolate sound waves. The pulsations from the leaking underground pipes are recognised via a listening device connected to the headphones

Moisture meters

Moisture meters are specialist leak detection equipment

Effective at instantly measuring moisture levels in a wide range of building materials such as timber floors, gyprock ceilings and walls. As a stand alone tool, moisture meters may provide limited insight to detect a leak.

Water pressure

Pressure testing plumbing pipes to detect a water leak

The correct operation of plumbing fixtures and appliances relies on adequate water pressure. Thus, measuring pressure loss is as an early indicator of a potential pipe leak within the water supply, valves, or plumbing fixtures.

Inspection cameras

portable inspection cameras are indispensable in non-invasive leak detection.

Portable cameras are useful instruments to inspect concealed areas such as ceilings, walls, cabinetry and timber floors. The high resolution screen provides valuable insight such as evidence of moisture, rot, prior water stains, and mould.

CCTV drain Inspection

Real time CCTV drain inspections

CCTV cameras provide real time visibility inside the stormwater and sanitary drains to detect damaged, cracked, or collapsed pipes. Blockages, tree roof infiltration and back fall lead to poor performance, discharge of liquids, seepage and building movement.

Drone Inspections

Drones are used to carry out building inspections with height constraints

Due to building height constraints property inspections are often deferred. Under the right conditions drone inspections may be possible to overcome the building challenges. A drone inspection may overcome unforeseen delays and scaffolding costs. 

Working together with plumbers and builders.