Leak Detection Services for Home Insurers & Remedial Builders

At Sydney Leak Detection we are highly experienced water leak detection specialists and qualified plumbers servicing the specific requirements of Strata, Body Corporates, Remedial Builders and Insurance providers.

β€’  Trained to β€˜find & fix’: we specialise in locating and detecting pipe and leaks in difficult areas such as behind masonry walls and underground services. We find leaks where most  have usually failed.

β€’  Technology and capability: we employ cutting edge equipment including Sewering acoustics and tracer gas, Radio Detection locators and Testo thermal imaging, and combine this with extensive experience in the construction arena.

β€’ Reliable:we use the best locating technologies and qualified professionals to deliver permanent solutions without the cost and inconvenience of tearing the place apart. We do it once and we do it right.

β€’  Simple paper work: we are experienced servicing the needs of Strata, Remedial and Insurance companies and can guarantee the speed of our communications and inspections. Upon each inspection a detailed  report will be compiled clearly documenting our findings. Where appropriate  these reports will be supported with easy to view media files such as photos and videos to better illustrate the tasks performed and the relevant findings