Plumbing Services

At Sydney Leak Detection we offer prompt and professional Plumbing services for all your domestic and commercial needs, including core drilling.Our reliable and on-time services are carried out within Australia’s AS-3500 Standards by licensed and fully insured plumbers. We are proudly accredited Green Plumbers and are recognized Rehau and Odour-vac installer.

Pex Plus

The Pex Plus system has been developed to deliver plumbers, builders and home owners a high quality yet cost effective pipe system for use with hot and cold water, rainwater, hydronic heating and recycled water distribution.

The Pex Plus product range is based on a premium quality cross-linked polyethylene pipe which is used in conjunction with either of the two available ranges of dzr brass fittings. When installed in accordance with the Pex Plus installation guidelines and the relevant Australian standards the Pex Plus system will provide years  of trouble free service.

Pex Plus pipe is a high quality Pex-a cross linked pipe. Pex is an industry accepted name for cross linked polyethylene pipe. In general terms polyethylene in its normal state is not capable of handling high pressure or temperature loads. However once subjected to the cross-linking process, its ability to handle these conditions is increased substantially.

Pex Plus pipe consists of an inner section of Pex-a material encased in an outer layer of tough hdpe. Pex Plus also offers a pipe specifically for use in hydronic heating. This pipe is identified by its bright pink colour. Pex Plus pink is a similar construction to the standard Pex Plus pipes. However it also incorporates a layer of evoh material which acts as an oxygen barrier, thus preventing the entry of additional oxygen into the sealed heating system.


The use of Pex Plus pipe provides users with many advantages over traditional piping materials. It has excellent flexibility, is not adversely affected by freezing, offers excellent pressure and temperature resistance, is lightweight and also has low noise and heat transmission qualities. The Pex Plus pipe provides very low levels of friction loss and therefore can often save users needing to upsize piping when installing long runs. As jointing methods are mechanical it does not require the use of solvents. Nor does it require soldering, welding or brazing