Tracer gas accurately detects a leaking water pipe

The process starts by releasing a safe mixture of Hydrogen gas into the leaking water pipe. The gas is a safe mixture of 5% Hydrogen and Nitrogen, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. Hydrogen is the least dangerous gas and also the lightest.

With the smallest and lightest atoms in the atmosphere, the gas can rapidly spread through the water pipe. At the same time it can easily escape through the smallest leak and rise to the surface. A highly sensitive detection probe can detect the dispersing gas with minimum interference.

The electronic device constantly measures the concentration of Hydrogen tracer gas during testing. An increase in gas levels detected will activate the acoustic sensors. With this high precision instrument our water leak technicians have the capability to detect a water leak. This include plumbing and pipe leaks, underground leaks, leaking pipes within concrete slabs, below driveways and in hard to reach places.

Sydney Leak detection testing with specialist H5 tracer gas equipment to detect a leaking water pipe
Detecting escaping Hydrogen tracer gas from a leaking pipe


Detect a water leak with tracer gas

Despite its high cost the Hydrogen tracer gas system is gradually superseding other less innovative and accurate testing methods. High value industries such as automotive and electronics have adopted the tracer gas system due to its exceptional tracking properties. Niche areas in construction are also using this advanced system to find water leaks.

20 years ago the Sydney Leak Detection team pioneered the introduction of tracer gas in the building sector. Our team of specialists have used this advanced test method successfully with other leak detection techniques. Our expert leak detectors accurately pin-point water pipe leaks using the Hydrogen tracer gas system.

Most effective leak detection equipment

Hydrogen tracer gas is a reliable system that offers significant advantages over less scientific leak detection methods.

  1. Safe to detect very small leaks in concealed places such as concrete slabs.
  2. Accurate to carry out inspections within walls, behind a bathroom vanity, kitchen cabinetry or laundry tubs.
  3. Non-invasive to avoid cutting walls, ceilings, eliminates the guesswork
  4. Fast to speed up testing and the search for a water pipe leak
  5. Cost effective for accurate leak detection, thus lowering the repair cost