Sewer CCTV video footage inspections

At Sydney Leak Detection we inspect sewer and stormwater pipes to identify potential problems within the drains. We use state of the art equipment commonly called Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and through a computer screen you can see, in real time and on site, the internal condition of your sewer and storm water waste pipes. A blockage, also known as a choke, is often caused by structural damage due to aging pipes not properly maintained, tree root intrusion and children soft toys that have gone down the toilet. Blocked sewers lead to sluggish drainage or discharges onto your property, surrounding properties, or even inside your home. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain their private sewer, up to the connection to the Sydney Water sewer main. Therefore regular, planned maintenance to keep sewer pipes root and blockage free is generally more cost effective than an emergency job. If you suspect or know that there is a leak or discharge in your sewer line call Sydney Leak Detection to arrange an inspection.

Sewer Council Clean Up Notice

The costs related to a blocked or partially blocked sewer can rapidly escalate if you get issued a Clean Up Notice by your local Council. The fee can be in excess of $450 for the administrative cost of issuing the notice.
Sydney Leak Detection can assist if you receive a Clean Up Notice from council. The Notice will normally explain the grounds of the offense e.g. a ‘pollution incident’ where by it is deem that there is discharge of waste of sewage water originating in your property’s private sewer that is considered environmentally unsatisfactory and thus far requires clean up action. The notice will highlight the remedy actions to be undertaken to avoid further escalation.

At Sydney Leak Detection we can help you to effectively manage a Council Sewer Clean Up Notice:

  • undertake a thorough inspection of the sewer service
  • recommend effective course of action to correct any defects, obstructions, blockages or damage caused to the sewer line
  • carry out such repairs in accordance with AS3500 and the Plumbing Code of Australia
  • issue a findings report including CCTV video footage of the compliant and clean sewer line
  • submit, where applicable, a Certificate of Compliance to the relevant authority


Sydney Water –lodging a sewer blockage claim

Sydney Water will normally clear a sewer choke or blockage in their pipes for free when a blockage is found by a qualified plumber and appropriately reported to them. It is possible to lodge a claim to cover out of pocket costs for as long as Sydney Water staff has confirmed the problem was in their waste water pipes and not within your property. When you report a sewer blockage you’ll be given a job number to be included in the claim form you ought to fill in. Ensure that the original licensed plumber’s invoice is attached and the form is duly signed. Please refer to the Sydney Water site for further details.