Water leak detection with a thermal camera

A thermal imaging camera is a handheld device commonly referred as an infrared camera also. A thermal camera uses infrared technology to detect heat radiation, moisture, or a hidden pipe leak. During a water leak search our expert leak detectors measure thermal energy or heat to find the source of the leak. 

A specialist leak detector is highly skilled to locate a hotspot, hidden moisture or a pipe leak free of cutting. Think of thermal imaging as a portable x-ray machine that scans a building for water instead of bone density. Advanced thermal scans are a cost effective method to detect a water leak or other building issues fast, safely and reliably. 

Specialist thermal imaging services

Water is the undisputed number one cause of damage to buildings, homes and apartments. A leaking plumbing system, such as a burst pipe or a torrential storm, can have equally devastating effects on a property. These events are common causes of mould or a stained ceiling, damp carpet, lifting timber flooring, and wall blistering paint.

The use of the latest thermal imaging cameras is essential to conduct a thorough leak detection inspection. Non-invasive testing starts by scanning the damaged building surfaces with the infrared camera in search of hidden water and moisture. Building materials damaged by water include ceilings, walls, windows, roofs, carpets, timber floors, skirting boards, door jambs and many more. Likewise, the sources of water ingress causing damage far exceeding a leaking pipe.

The use of thermal imaging during a water leak search in Sydney can lead to valuable insight. Using infrared technology along with other leak detection method, such as flood testing a balcony, can lead to moisture path detection. This is in essence water trajectory which is incredibly useful when flood testing a balcony, a shower or a roof.

Thermal imaging cameras are an essential tool in the leak detection arsenal. However, this testing method cannot do it all alone during a Sydney water leak search. To gain accurate insight a leak detection specialist will use several testing methods to find a leaking pipe.

Detect a water leak with thermal imaging

Locating the origin of a water leak is as important as detecting the trajectory of the infiltrating water or moisture path. There are many more causes to water damage than a leaking water pipe. Therefore, the use of a thermal imaging camera is extremely useful in combination with other leak detection techniques.

Hydrogen tracer gas and acoustic leak location are advanced systems used in tandem with thermal imaging to detect a pipe leak. However, other common types of water leaks include a roof leak, underground water leak, a leaking window, sliding door or shower.

The team at Sydney Leak Detection has solved thousands of water leaks by following a rigorous and in-depth testing process. Advanced leak detection methods plus extensive plumbing and building knowledge is at the forefront of our evidence based inspections. Positioned as the most trusted leaders in leak detection we look forward to another water leak search in Sydney.

Thermal imaging leak detection in a bathroom.
Leaking pipe search in the bathroom
Thermal imaging scans to detect a concealed water leak in the ceiling.
Thermal imaging water leak detection through sliding doors damaging the carpet.
Water leak search through sliding doors

Sydney Leak Detection Services

If you suspect a water leak in your home, or water damage is already visible, call Sydney Leak Detection. We are the most trusted and recommended water leak specialists with 30+ years experience.

Our specialist building inspections are non-invasive and evidence based to detect a water leak. No more hole cutting or causing greater damage to your property. A water leak search is typically carried out in Sydney in under two hours and damage free. However, longer may be required if multiple rooms have been affected.