Plumbing water pipe location

Sydney Leak Detection are based in the Northern Beaches and provide specialist plumbing leak location services to plumbers, building consultants, structural engineers and builders. Expert pipe location and water leak detectors in residential, commercial and strata settings with advanced leak detection equipment such as underground pipe locators, Hydrogen tracer gas and thermal imaging. With a proven pipe locating record the team collaborates closely with other plumbers in Sydney to jointly carry out fast plumbing leak inspections.

Searching for a pipe leak with tracer gas
Leak detection for plumbers with tracer gas.
Locating leaking underground water pipes for plumbers
Underground pipe location and leak detection.
Acoustic pipe location and leak detection for plumbers
Acoustic plumbing and water leak detection.
Pressure testing plumbing water pipes
Water leak detection and pressure testing

Thermal water leak detection for plumbers

A thermal camera uses infrared technology to measure thermal energy. In other words, thermal imaging is used to scan building surfaces to detect heat or thermal variations from leaking water pipes. The readings are indicative of the moisture content in building materials and a hotspot is a strong indicator of a pipe leak. This testing method provides the advantage of gaining valuable insight without cutting or causing damage when searching for a hidden plumbing water leak.

Specialist building inspections carried out with thermal technology can detect varying levels of heat radiation to detect a water leak. Tracking a moisture path with a thermal camera during a leak search is as important as isolating the actual source. Each leak detection method assists in gaining additional clues about the probable failure points.

Water leak location with thermal imaging technology offers a reliable avenue to scan large surfaces fast in search of moisture. Entire ceilings, walls and floors can be effectively surveyed in search of moisture transfer or a water leak. A balcony, shower, concrete slab, or timber floor are ideal building areas to locate moisture before and after spray testing.

H5 Hydrogen plumbing leak detection

Hydrogen tracer gas is a versatile and cutting edge water leak detection system used by leak location specialists. This advanced technology uses a safe mixture of Hydrogen and Nitrogen that is released into the pipework to detect a water leak.

Due to its light composition containing the smallest and lightest atoms, H5 can escape through the most minute pipe leak into the atmosphere. The dispersing H5 gas is then detected by the highly sensitive probes. The specialist Sewerin equipment is a precise and efficient leak detection solution.

Acoustic pipe leak detector

The acoustic leak detection system uses electronic equipment to isolate the lowest noise emitted consistently by water escaping the pipework. Detecting underground water leaks is possible for plumbing leakage at a rate greater than 6 litres per minute. The acoustic method works by reducing interfering noise such as vehicular traffic, chatter or pedestrian footsteps during testing and focuses on isolating the sound of water escaping the hidden pipes.

Underground water pipe location

The Sewerin and the RD8000 pipe locators are high radio frequency devices used by our water leak detectors in combination with other testing methods. The use of this advanced leak detection technology is essential to locate and trace the water pipes internally and externally prior to testing for water leaks.

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The Sydney Leak Detection team are approachable, trustworthy, and the findings have been spot on without exception.

I highly recommend other plumbers to get in touch with Sydney Leak Detection and save themselves a lot of hassle.

Matt, Barton Plumbing
Accurate leak detection for plumbers