Core Drilling Northern Beaches 

At Sydney Leak Detection we specialise in concrete core drilling in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.Concrete cutting or “coring” is also known as the process of drilling perfectly round holes through concrete walls, floors and other concrete structures. Advanced tools are used guarantying high performance without damaging the concrete slab, hence resulting in a tidy job. All this is achieved with greater speed and precision than other traditional techniques such as jack hammering.

Our core drilling machines can drill holes ranging from 18mm to 250mm round, either vertical or horizontal leaving a precise circular smooth hole through any type of concrete embedded with steel reinforcement, brick or stone to about any depth required. Subject to the job’s requirements hand held or large bolt down equipment can be used to ensure the perfect finish.

These diamond-tipped drills are commonly used for plumber’s pipe holes, electrical conducts and many other building applications. The key benefits are a faster and cheaper job with a better final look.  Our competitive rates will allow you to get on with your project with minimal disruption, saving you time and money.