How is Water Damage Caused?

There are many and varied sources that can cause water leaks,  a burst water pipe, a leaky tap or washing machine are obvious ones. Less obvious, but incredibly common and often invisible are the following:

  • failed water proofing membrane in: shower recess, bathroom floors, outdoor tiled decks
  • leaky tapware including mixers and the shower breech
  • hydrostatic pressure is commonly experienced within properties that have been built below ground level. The water proofing in these dwellings is often sub-optimal and during heavy rain moisture is absorbed from the ground causing flooring damage for example.This extra moisture can also cause efflorescence (salty like minerals coming off the walls).
  • building structures such as parapet walls and flashings that have not been appropriately sealed
  • outdoor deck sliding doors, these are too often not sealed properly and water penetrates the home much to the owner’s surprise and distress.

Water is a powerful source, it only needs a small opening to penetrate through most building structures: flooring, walls, ceilings, roofs and during heavy rain and stormy weather the effects to property can be devastating. 

Photos of common water damage problems